The well-being

Relaxation area

To recharge your batteries and replenish your serenity, take advantage of our closed and heated relaxation area which opens onto the outside through a large bay window. It is available to you all year round.
It is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
It is equipped with a Finnish sauna, a spa, a shower, relaxation, a changing room.
Towels, bathrobe and fresh water will be at your disposal.
SAUNA: it dispenses dry heat (between 3 and 20%) which causes significant sweating which eliminates toxins and cleanses the skin. Breathing becomes deeper. The sauna relaxes the muscles and relieves aches and arthritis.
SPA (jacuzzi): The combined effects of heat, weightlessness and massage bring you a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Hot water at (37°) raises your body temperature and dilates your vessels, thus improving blood circulation.
The pressure on your muscles and joints is released.
What better way to sleep like a baby!!!!

Wellness area

Located in the heart of nature, in a calm and pleasant setting, inside the property, the "BULLE de BONHEUR" wellness area is conducive to letting go and relaxing. Come and recharge your batteries and find the energy necessary for the right balance "Body - Spirit - Soul" with the Relaxation, different Massages, Sound Therapy, Energy Balancing...These different treatments are offered to you by Françoise, a graduate of the Institute of Relaxation and Sophrology of the South West (IRSSO) and a member of the International Federation of Relaxation, a graduate of the HYPOTHENUSE Institute (French School of Massage).
For more information, visit his website " Bulle de Bonheur "